Fall 2014 Registration is Open!

Register online at now!
See instructions below


  • $90 for 1st child
  • $85 for 2nd child*
  • $80 for 3rd child and thereafter*
  • $35 for VIP
*additional child discounts listed here are for children in the same household up to the 3rd child.


  • Uniform (Jersey, Shorts, and Socks)
  • Pictures
  • Yearbook
  • Trophy


  • Shin Guards (mandatory equipment)
  • Ball (size appropriate, depending on age, see chart below)
  • Soccer cleats (not mandatory, but are recommended)
U5 to U8Size 3
U10 to U12Size 4
U14 to U19Size 5

2014 / 2015 Division Age Eligible Birth dates
U-1916-18 8-1-95 thru 7-31-98
U-1614, 15 8-1-98 thru 7-31-00
U-1412, 13 8-1-00 thru 7-31-02
U-1210, 11 8-1-02 thru 7-31-04
U-108, 9 8-1-04 thru 7-31-06
U-86, 7 8-1-06 thru 7-31-07
U-65 8-1-08 thru 7-31-09
U-54 8-1-09 thru 07-31-10


At a time and place convenient for you, you can provide all the information you normally have to write by hand on an application form. When finished, print out two copies of each form, sign and date them and mail to:

PO Box 7817
Alhambra, CA 91802

Along with the 2 copies of each form, you must submit child's proof of age (if new to the region), and payment ($90 - first child, $85 - second child, $80 - third child and thereafter, from the same household). VIP (special needs) registration is $65.

VERY IMPORTANT: Registration is not complete until Registrar receives your forms and payment and accepts the application in the eAYSO system.

Questions? E-mail Greg Osterman at

For Parents & Volunteers Who Have Not Signed Up Online Before

At the Welcome screen, click on the button labeled First time. On-screen directions will guide you through the process.

SCROLL DOWN! Many of the data screens extend below the bottom of your monitor. Use the Page Down key or the down arrow key to be sure you've scrolled to the bottom of each page.

Though not required to complete pre-registration, if you take the time to get a user name and password, this online process will be even faster in future seasons. The system uses an e-mail address for the username (many feel this is easier to remember). It does not have to be your regular e-mail address, and it is not the one used to send any messages to you.

When asked to choose a region, please choose Region 60.

Provide as much contact information as possible to make it easier for us to reach you when teams are formed, etc. E-mail addresses are enabling better communications between the region and our members. Please provide us with an e-mail address if you have one. NOTE: When you enter your address, please provide a complete address including apartment or suite number and any directional indicators (i.e., North Main St. or 125th St. S.E.).

Our region is completely volunteer run. We need your help. Please indicate a volunteer position that interests you.

The information in any field marked with a red asterisk is required.

You're not finished until you've clicked on Submit AND printed your forms. More importantly, you are not registered until we receive payment and accept your online application.

For Parents & Volunteers Who Signed Up Online Last Year

If you did not get a username and password, you will have to follow the instructions above for a first time user. If you did get a username and password, go to the eAYSO site and at the Welcome screen, click on the button labeled Log In.

At the Log In screen, enter the e-mail address username and your existing password. There are links on this screen if you've forgotten them.

Read each of the screens carefully. Scroll to the bottom of each screen. Many of the data screens extend below the bottom of your monitor. Use the scroll bar, the Page Down key or the down arrow key to be sure you've scrolled to the bottom of each page.

At the Welcome screen, you can click on My Login Info if you wish to change either your username or password. Otherwise, in the first line under General Instructions click on Parent Info to begin the process of re-registering your player(s) OR to re-register to be a volunteer, go to the third line under General Instructions and click on the link labeled Click Here. When signing up for the new year, it is important that you review all the data screens and change anything that needs to be updated. DO NOT USE THE LINKS LABELED PLAYER FORM OR VOLUNTEER FORM IN THE SECOND LINE under General Instructions. These links should be used only if you are unable to print forms right away after you've updated your registration information.

On the screens that follow, check to see if any of the information needs to be changed. Follow the onscreen directions to print copies of each of the forms, and mail the forms, as per above instructions.


Any player who withdraws from the program shall be entitled to a refund of such registration fee. The cost of the uniform (if it cannot be reused) or other specific nonrecoverable costs may be deducted from the refund. Refunds must be requested in writing to the Regional Registrar, with a copy to the Commissioner, no later than 60 days following the first game of the regular season play.